Licenses and Permits

Business Setup & Permits

Starting a business in India is done by registering a legal entity. Types of legal entity such as Private Limited Company, LLP, OPC- It depends on the nature of your business. Various Permits & License requirement is there for specific businesses such as FSSAI, APEDA, warehouse, BPO etc. Additionally we also have Business space such as co-working space & customer support facilities for our clients.

Corporate Compliance

For a legal entities such as Company, LLP there are compliance requirement of filing your balance sheet, Annual report with the Registrar of companies. For change in directors, change in registered office closure of companies there are specific compliance filing. Your corporate relationship manager does it all for your business.

Business Support Services

You start a business your record keeping, your tax and company law compliance while record keeping, your tax compliance while selling or buying, all these start when you register a company. From book keeping, business restructuring, brand protection, customer support services for your business. Get all with the team of professional providing support services to your business

E-commerce Consulting

E-commerce business requires legal entity set up, tech support, Tax registration, compliance filings, Tax Planning, Book Keeping, Warehouse registration, Customer support, import export compliance filing and so on. As our tagline says helping e-commerce grow, we will do it all for your e-commerce business.

Import/Export Advisory

If you are an importer exporter, you need an expert for your business. From selecting vendor in any country to exporting or importing goods/services we will give you’re your import export relationship manager. Connect with us to make every step perfect.

Licenses and Permits

For certain business you need Licenses from Local Authority or State Government or Central Government. For your business you can avail services on Trademark Registration, Food License (FSSAI), APEDA, ISO, Startup India, Warehouse registration, Organic Certification and so on.