How to Get Aadhaar Card Online

AADHAAR CARD – “One Nation One Identification”

  • It's a 12 digit unique number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to the residents after completing the verification process of an individual.
  • Irrespective of age and gender, whosoever is willing to get a uniform identification throughout the country, can apply for it.
  • An individual can enroll only once to keep the uniqueness of the Aadhaar card

    There are two ways through which uniqueness is achieved.

    • Demographic information:Name, DOB, Gender, Address, Email ID, contact number, etc.
    • Biometric information:Fingerprints, Two Iris Scans, and Facial Photograph.
  • Aadhaar card eliminates the use of duplicate & fake identities and it is used as a primary identifier.
  • Aadhaar card has the potential to change the service delivery system in India. For Example, It would make the government social welfare schemes for the poor, more transparent and it will also reduce the burden on them because of a decline in duplicity of identity.

Features of Aadhaar Card

  • Uniqueness: It is unique in itself for every individual since it is based on the demographic & biometric authentication.
  • Portability: It provides and individual with the facility of nationwide portability since it can be authenticated online. 
  • Scalable technology architecture: A centralized data storage mechanism is provided & authentication can be done online from anywhere in the country.
  • Unique number: It is a random number based on the demographic along with the biometric attributes of an individual. It does not even record the caste, religion, income, etc. of an individual
  • Offline verification: The process of Offline verification will be such as specified by the UIDAI by regulations.
  • Penalties: UIDAI may initiate penalties against an entity for failure to (i) comply with the rules/regulations in the act or UIDAI directions (ii) furnish information required. Penalties can range up to one crore.

Benefits of Aadhaar Card

For Government:  A lot of social welfare schemes are in place focused on the socially backward classes/vulnerable sections to uplift them. By using Aadhaar card as a medium to identify these people will certainly improve the service delivery system & it will also reduce the burden on the exchequer.

For Individuals: Provides a single source of identity verification throughout the country in offline/online mode. Once an individual has an aadhaar card, they can use it to verify their identity multiple times

Eligibility For Aadhaar Card

  • Resident of India
  • Children below 5 years – Baal aadhaar card
  • NRI/Foreigners staying for more than 12 years in India

Documents Required For Aadhaar Card Enrolment

Address Proof

  • Passport
  • Bank Statement/ Passbook
  • Post Office Account Statement/ Passbook
  • Ration Card
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License
  • Government Photo ID cards/ service photo identity card issued by PSU
  • Electricity Bill (not older than 3 months)
  • Water Bill (not older than 3 months)
  • Telephone Landline Bill (not older than 3 months)
  • Property Tax Receipt (not older than 1 year)
  • Credit Card Statement (not older than 3 months)
  • Insurance Policy

Enrolment Process For Aadhaar Card

  • Free of cost enrolment.
  • Aadhaar card enrolment centre: visit your nearest authorized Aadhaar enrolment center with your identity & address proof.
  • Documents required for the address & identity proof are mentioned above
  • In case you do not have any of the above-mentioned photo ID proof then a certificate of Photo Identity issued by a gazetted officer will be acceptable as POI/POA.
  • Even if anyone does not have a valid document, he/she can still enrol if his/her name exists in the family entitlement document.
  • Even if there are no documents available for the same, then the resident may take the help of introducers available at the aadhaar card enrolment centre.

There are 3 aspects of Enrolment related to Aadhaar card:

  • Based on Document: Submit valid Proof of Identity (POI) & Proof of address (POA).
  • Based on Head of the family: Proof of relationship (POR) is required to be established with the family members through documents.
  • Based on Introducers: an Introducer is a person authorized & appointed by the registrar having a valid aadhaar  number. 

Enrolment in all states/UT is done by UIDAI or Office of the registrar general of India (RGI).


Ques. UIDAI has all my information, will it be able to track my activities?

  • No, UIDAI database has limited information which you have provided while filing the application form i.e. name, address, and gender, Date of birth, finger prints, iris scans, photograph, email ID & contact number.
  • Section 32(3) of aadhaar  act 2016, prohibits UIDAI from keeping, controlling & maintaining either by itself or through any third party.
  • UIDAI through aadhaar verification works just as an "Identifier” not as “Profiling agent"

Ques. Will UIDAI not receive all my information, when I link my mobile number, email id, bank account with it?

No, while giving your aadhaar card number to your bank/mobile company they only send your basic details like your name, biometrics to the company for your identity verification. They do not send your bank account details.

Ques. Is hacking possible if someone know my aadhaar card number?

No, merely this information is not enough to hack into your bank account because it is merely a number which is used to verify your basic details. Your bank account is not attached with aadhaar card rather your aadhaar card was used as a verification ID to start your bank Account.

Ques. Why is it mandatory to link my bank account/mobile numbers with aadhaar card?

It is for our own security that linking of aadhaar card with your bank account/mobile numbers is necessary. It helps to verify your identity, to remove the account of fraudsters, dormant accounts, money launderers, criminals etc. When every bank account/mobile number is aadhaar card verified, then it is easy to track and locate the individual liable for any fraudulent activity.

Ques. Can some dealer/company authorised person who take my biometrics at the time of verification, use it for further verification?

No one, even the company can store your biometrics information taken at the time of aadhaar card verification.

The biometrics information sent is in the encrypted form which is sent to UIDAI for verification. Any violation of this rule will be a punishable offence under the aadhaar card act, 2016.

Ques. Is it necessary for NRI as well to link aadhaar card with bank account, mobile number & other services?

Aadhaar card is for residents only and NRI are not bound with this.

Banks/mobile companies provided certain exemptions which are specific to NRI.

Ques. How aadhaar card benefited in the real sense?

Aadhaar card has benefitted common man in various ways:

  • Credible identity: More than 119 crore persons identified till now by aadhaar card. It has developed more trust & confidence as compared to any other identity document in India. 
  • Social security service: various social service scheme of the government did not reach the ultimate individual for whom it was designed. By bringing in aadhaar card this will identify such person and will also remove the duplicity which was a serious issue earlier.

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