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What this platform does- If I am willing to start a business at any part of the globe, what is my first step? It is to connect with a consultant who will help me solve my issue. This platform serves you with options to select expert from our reliable list. Starting a business or compliance or advisory or any other such services, you can contact service providers as per your convenience. The platform is managed by team of Tax compliance professionals, Engineers, Developers.


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Business Setup & Permits

Starting a business in India is done by registering a legal entity.Types of legal entity such as

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Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance For a legal entities such as Company, LLP there are compliance requirement

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Business Support Services

Business support services (BSS) is very wide. BSS has functions such as book keeping

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E-commerce Consulting

E-commerce business requires legal entity set up, tech support, Tax registration,compliance

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Import/Export Advisory

If you are an importer exporter, you need an expert for your business. From selecting vendor

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Licenses and Permits

For certain business you need Licenses from Local Authority or State Government

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For both the service providers & service receivers, We are always available to you through Chat, Email, Call or social media


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Online service marketplace

Online service marketplace focused on your business compliance needs such as legal entity incorporation, taking various Licenses from regulatory, managing your book keeping, Filing your tax Return, Managing your business compliance, Managing your saving, Doing your tax planning and so on. If you want to visit service provider nearby you, we bring you the service providers from different cities in India and globally who you can contact as per your choice. Currently serving in India, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Expert Profiles:

All the experts have a profile which is visible to the client, As a service receiver, you get to the location and the detailed list of services provider

Book Appointment:

Contact a service provider on the basis of location or category of services. It’s quick and convenient.

Informative blogs:

We regularly update you with interesting, useful news, notification in Indian and Global economy. You can also write blogs, We also have a guest section blog

Secure Payment

This platform will also have an option of safe gateway payment as per your arrangement with client


Location specific search is one of the best features of caonweb. Currently we are located in 3 countries and coming up with more

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