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New GST Registration Process in India

Goods & Service Tax is a new taxation system in India which came into effect from July 1, 2017. GST has replaced many Indirect Taxes in India. GST is the sole indirect tax for the entire country which is based on consumption of goods and services. The rules and regulations, tax rates are governed by the Goods and Service Tax Council which consists of the finance ministers of Centre and all the states. Goods & Service Tax rates vary from 0% - 28% depending on the type of service or Nature of Goods Your business is selling. The new GST registration process in India should be followed for GST registration procedure. The help of professionals can be taken for GST services.

Who needs to register for gst / goods & service tax registration number?

The Following Category Of Business should Register For GST:

  • new gst registration process in india For that Business who is having Annual Turnover More than 20 Lakhs Per Annum (10 Lakh for the North Eastern States)
  • online gst registration certificate in India For those businesses which is in More than One State
  • register for gst For Business having Previous registration Under VAT, Excise Laws, Service Tax Laws
  • gst registration process E-commerce business
  • apply for gst number Providers of Services and Goods outside India

What is the gst registration procedure?

GST registration process will be online through portal support by the Central Government of India. You can also register for GST from the Government portal however there is a certain field in the application which requires you to take professionals to help. Experts at CAONWEB helps you file GST registration online at the best price.

How to get the online gst registration certificate in India?
The GST Registration Procedure as Follows

According to a   new online GST registration procedure in India, the applicant has to apply online for GST registration certificate in India in which applicant take help of professional providing GST services by paying appropriate GST registration fees. The applicant will need to submit his PAN, mobile number and email address in Part a of Form Goods and Service Tax REG-01 on the GSTN portal or through Facilitation center (notified by the board or commissioner).

The PAN is verified on the Goods and Service Tax Portal along with the Mobile number and E-mail address to be verified with a one-time password (OTP). When the verification is complete, the applicant will receive an application reference number (ARN) on the registered mobile number and via E-mail. An acknowledgment should be issued to the applicant in FORM Goods & Service Tax REG-02 electronically.

Applicant needs to fill Part- B of Form Goods and Service Tax REG-01 and specify the application reference number. Then finally submit the form with the relevant documents to register for GST.

If additional information is required, Form Goods and Service Tax REG-03 will be issued. Applicant needs to respond in Form Goods & Service Tax REG-04 with required information within 7 working days from the date of receipt of Form Goods & Service Tax REG-03.

If you have provided all required information via Form Goods & Service Tax REG-01 or Form Goods & Service Tax REG-04, the registration certificate (GST REG –06) will be issued to the applicant for the principal place of business and for every additional place of business. If the details submitted are not satisfactory, the registration application is rejected using Form Goods & Service Tax REG-05.

The whole GST registration procedure takes around 7-8 working days.

Documents Required for GST Registration

FOR Proprietorship Firm Registration

  • PAN card of the owner
  • Aadhaar Card of the owner
  • Photograph of the owner
  • Electricity bill of the premises
  • Letter of Authorisation for signatory
  • Bank statement/ Cancelled Cheque
  • Aadhaar Card of owners/ directors/ partners

Documents Required for GST Registration


  • PAN card of the company/ partnership
  • PAN card of the Director/ partner
  • Aadhar card of the Director/ partner
  • Photograph of the Director/ partner
  • Electricity bill of the premises
  • Partnership Deed/ Certificate of Incorporation
  • Letter of Authorization

Gst Registration Fees

The GST registration fees & pricing for the Online GOODS & SERVICE TAX Registration differs in accordance with the GST services of professional.

All registered businesses have to file monthly, quarterly and/or annual Goods & Service Tax Returns based on the type of business. There are various returns required to be filed by special cases such as composition dealers. The prices of GST registration fees can be compared on CAONWEB as it is providing a list of many professional providing the GST services and also helping in online GST registration certificate in India by following new GST registration process in India.

What Is Goods and Service Tax Return?

A return is a final document containing complete details of income which is required to file with the tax administrative authorities. The significance of the return is to calculate the tax liability of the taxpayer.

How to complete GST Return Filing?

Under Goods & Service Tax a registered dealer has to file Goods & Service Tax returns that include:

  • register for gst Purchases
  • online gst certificate in India	Sales
  • register for gst Output GST (On sales)
  • gst services Input tax credit (GST paid on purchases)
  • online gst registration certificate in India GST returns, GST complete sales and purchase invoices are required.
Late Fees for Not Completing Filing of GST Return on Time

If GST filing is not done within time, you will be liable to pay interest and a late fee. The GST return can be filed timely with the help of a chartered accountant or company secretary who is providing GST services.

Interest is 18% per annum which has to be calculated on the amount of outstanding tax to be paid. The time limit filing of GST return will be from the next day of filing to the date of payment. The maximum amount of late fees is 5000/- for GST filing.

Frequently Asked Questions

All GST registration certificates available to you by the GST registration authorities will be listed in the chronological order. You can view or download the same from the GST portal and the procedure to download is mentioned above. For example: GST registration certificate, TDS certificate etc. GOODS & SERVICE TAX

  • One can check its GST registration status by using its ARN or SRN.
  • Application reference no. (ARN) or Service request no. (SRN) is like a tracking ID that is issued to the applicant while filling in the GST registration application.
  • Click on the link
  • Fill in your details and track your GST Registration certificate.

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