Online Startup India Registration: How to Register for the Scheme?

The Advantages of the Startup India scheme are:

  • Economic benefits.
  • Benefits of income tax.
  • Registration benefits.
  • Government bid.
  • Huge networking opportunity.
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Startup India Registration

Start-up India Programme was implemented through the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotions (DIPP), Government of India. Start-up India Scheme is one of the wonderful initiatives of the Government of India created to focus on Simplification and Handholding, Funding Support and Incentives, Industry-Academia Partnership, and Incubation.

Eligibility to Register a Startup:

To register a startup below conditions must be fulfilled in order to apply for startup India.

The business must be registered must be registered as a


  • Annual turnover of the business for any of the financial years since incorporation not exceeding Rupees 25 crores
  • Business must be of much nature that it will help in contributing to the economy through innovation, environmental protection, employment generation, and wealth creation.
  • It should not be a business which is formed by reconstruction of a business already in existence.

Benefits for Online Startup India Registration:

As per the guidelines of DIPP, register a startup in DIP can get the following benefits:

  • Self-Certification facility for Compliance under 9 environmental & labor laws
  • Income Tax Exemption for a period of 3 consecutive years and exemptions on capital gains & investments above Fair Market Value.
  • Easy closure of company within 90 days under insolvency & Bankruptcy code 2016.
  • Startup Patent Application and IPR protection startup gets fast track and great discounts like up to 80% in filing patents.
  • Easy connect with incubators, VC’s
  • Free resources industry-specific, the opportunity to avail Government grants, participate in challenges and competition which may help you earn fame and prize.
  • For certain Government initiatives, it becomes mandatory to register under startup India to become eligible to participate or apply in that initiative

Frequently Asked Questions

You can do it yourself if you are aware of how to prepare material and resources that an application requires. Another option is go-to experts. The cost varies in the market. Best to check service provides and decide. CAonWeb guarantees the lowest price and excellent service when it comes to the online service providers in India.

A private limited company cost starts from 3000. It varies from which services provider you take the service.

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