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12A and 80G Registration

80g registration online is managed by Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Also delivers benefits to an NGO's donors and who has NGO Registration. The 12a registration online enables an NGO to have its income tax-free benefits. Both the 80G and 12A registrations are only for non-profits and charity organizations.

  • 80g registration online Experts Drafting an application for a 12a certificate online.
  • 12a certificate online Creating an application for an exemption certificate under Section 80 G.
  • income tax 12a registration online Give assured approval from the Commissioner of Income Tax
  • 12a and 80g registration Follow-up with tax officials from beginning to conclusion.

12a and 80g registration fees start from Rs. 4,500/-

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Overview of online apply for 12a and 80g

If you are running an NGO in India or have an NGO Certificate Online in form of Trust, society, or Section 8 company, then it's important to register under the 12A and 80G Acts.

Holding a 12a registration online will offer you lots of benefits from the Income Tax Department. They will grant a total exemption to a non-profit organization after obtaining a certificate. Who has an 80g certificate online enjoys the advantage of attracting more donors to the NGO for cash donations.

If you do not get such registrations as an NGO, you will be subject to ordinary tax rates. Also, finding donors for gifts will become more challenging.

12a and 80g registration online applies only to NGO's and charitable institutions that:-

1. The one who is a registered society or a charitable trust.
2. They should not use their assets or income for anything other than charitable purposes.
3. Keeps a regular record of their receipts and expenses in a book.
4. These funds do not provide any undue profit to the organization's trustees or governing body.
5. They should not be working to favor one caste or religion over another.
6. If there is money from a business, it should be kept in a separate account. The money donated to the NGO should not be used for such startups.

An NGO's 12A and 80G registration procedures are normally completed shortly after its incorporation. Our CaonWeb team of professionals will work with the appropriate departments to secure the "80G-12A certificate" for you and your NGO. An 80g certificate will allow you to claim income tax benefits as a donor, and a 12A certificate will allow the NGO to claim income tax exemption.

What is an 80g certificate online, and how does it work?

Do you know who gives the 80G Certificate? All the non-profit organizations, trusts, NGOs, or Section 8 Companies get the 80g certificates from the Income Tax Department. The goal of the 80G certificate is to inspire more people to donate money to charities like these. The donor benefits from donating to such an NGO in that he receives a tax exemption on 50% of his donation because the donor can deduct their donations from their Gross Total Income. To qualify for the tax exemption, the donor must attach a stamped receipt from the NGO to the donation - the document must specify the organization's name, date, and PAN.

What is a 12a certificate online, and how does it work?

Trusts, NGOs and other Section 8 companies are free from paying income tax due to their 12a registration online. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are organizations that are dedicated to philanthropic and non-profit operations. They do, however, have income and would be subject to standard tax rates if they were not registered under section 12A of the Income Tax Act. The IT Act of 1962, Section 12A, makes no distinction between charitable and religious trusts. As a result, both types of organizations are eligible for income tax 12a registration online.

Eligibility of online apply for 12a and 80g

  • t80g registration process This clause applies to NGOs that work as Public Charitable Trusts or under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, and act only for the public good.
  • 12a registration process Tax exemption is open for donations made following Section 80G.
  • renewal of 80g registration Non-profit organizations must use their assets for charitable causes only.
  • 12a registration renewal NGOs should keep precise records of their expenditures and receipts.


* Our package includes consultation sessions to get an NGO Certificate online.
* Making an online application for a 12a certificate.
* Making an online application for an 80g certificate.
* 12A and 80g deduction applications are being filed and followed upon.

Benefits of 12a and 80g registration

1. More funding is accessible for charitable purposes because of the tax exemption on NGO income.
2. It is permissible to use funds and grants from designated agencies, the government, and international sources.
3. With exclusions given under the Foreign Regulation Act of 2010, only registered NGOs in classes 12A and 80G are permitted to accept international funding (FCRA).
4. New funders are attracted, increasing the scope of the NGO's purpose.
5. An NGO receives more operational exposure and status worth when it registers and achieves 12A and 80G registration.
6. Both 12A and 80G are one-time registrations that are valid for the life of the organization.

Steps for 80g registration process

The steps in the 80g registration process are as follows:

1. The application for an 80G certificate needs to be sent to the Commissioner of Income Tax (as an Exemption) in the institution's jurisdictional area.
2. The Income Tax Department conducts an on-the-premise inspection after the form and accompanying documentation for 80G registration is filed.
3. Officials may request additional records and proof that the institution is compelled to make available.
4. The Commissioner awards the 80G certificate to the institution after acceptable verification and scrutiny of papers and the NGO's office.

Validity: 80G Certificate valid for a lifetime.

Steps for the 12a registration process

The steps in the 12a registration process are as follows:

1. As per Rule 17A of the Income Tax Act of 1962, the application must be submitted using Form 10A. The application must be submitted to the Income Tax Jurisdictional Commissioner (Exemptions).
2. The Commissioner confirms the validity of the organization's activity after receiving the Form and documents. He has the authority to request further documents and information as he sees fit.
3. He will issue a written order for the award of 12A Registration based on the satisfactory report. If the Commissioner is not satisfied, the application will be rejected, and the applicant will be given an opportunity to be heard.

12A Registration can be canceled at any time if a proof is provided that the company's activities are contrary to the institution's object, are not genuine, or advantage a particular religion or caste, or that the funds are being invested in prohibited ways, or that the institution's income is being used for the benefit of specific individuals.

Validity: 12A Registration valid for a lifetime.

Documentation for 12A and 80G Registrations after revalidation

The following are the documents that must be presented with your revalidation application:

  • online apply for 12a and 80g Copy of the incorporation document for Societies/Trusts that has been self-certified.
  • section 80g Copy of the registration with the Registrar of Companies, Registrar of Societies, Registrar of Firms, or Registrar of Public Trusts, as appropriate.
  • 12a registration online If the applicant is registered under the FCRA [Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act], 2010, a self-certified copy of their registration is required.
  • 12a certificate online Self-certified copy of the current registration order under section 12A/12AA/12AB, if applicable.
  • income tax 12a registration online In the case of existing entities, copies of their annual accounts for the three years immediately preceding the year in which the application is lodged.
  • 12a and 80g registration Copies of the annual accounts and audit report under Section 44AB for three years immediately prior to the year in which the application is made if the organization's income includes profits and gains from business or if the organization holds a business undertaking under the provisions of Section 11(4A).
  • 80g registration process A self-certified copy of the documentation demonstrating or proving the items' alteration or adoption.
  • renewal of 80g registration Notes on the trust's or institution's operations.
  • online apply for 12a and 80g If the organization is registered on the DARPAN portal, the details of the DARPAN registration.
section 80g

Scope of 80g deduction

For a donation to be legitimate under section 80g, some basic criteria must be met; some of the most important ones are listed below.

* Donations made from non-taxable sources of income are not eligible for the deduction. As a result, donations should be made from taxable income.
* Only those types of donations that are paid in cash or by check are acceptable.
* Clothing, food, medication, and other non-cash donations are not eligible under section 80g.
* Deductions are only available for donations made to legitimate and registered trusts.
* You know deductions are not applicable for donations to foreign institutions or any political parties

Issuance of Certificate of Revalidated Registration: Renewal of 80g registration and 12a registration renewal

  • 12a registration online Step 1: The applicant (society or other institution) must apply for renewal/registration on the Income Tax Portal using their income tax login credentials in Form No. 10A (or 10 AB as the case may be) online within the stipulated due dates as outlined above. The applicant will be asked to submit the materials indicated below with their application.
  • 12a certificate online Step 2: If the return of income is filed by Digital Signature, the authorized signatory of the organization must verify the application upon submission. If the return of income is not filed through Digital Signature, the application must be filed through EVC.
  • income tax 12a registration online Step 3: The PCIT or CIT, as authorized by the Board, shall approve or reject an application submitted in Form No 10A (or 10 AB, as the case may be). The PCIT or CIT will provide a 16-digit alphanumeric URN if the application is approved.

You should know how to get a renewal of 80g registration and 12A if you manage an NGO and have a ngo certificate online.

All licensed NGOs u/s 12A /12AA and 80G must apply for 80g and 12a registration renewal with the Income Tax Department within three months from April 1, 2021, to June 30, 2021.

It is a single form for both types of registrations, Section 12AB and/or Section 80G Registrations, and the online submission of Form-10A for applying for 80G Registration has been eliminated.

Permission and a new registration certificate or renewal certificate will be issued for five years as a result of the modification. All petitions pending before the Principal Commissioner or Commissioner under the old regulations and for which no order has been given by April 1, 2021, must be resubmitted on Form 10A. So, these are the revalidation adjustments for the renewal of 80g and 12a registrations.

Regulatory Updates for12a and 80g registration

Lead with Effect From 1st April 2021 for Business Development Team:12A/80G is already available. For re-approval/re-registration, the registered entity must submit a new 12A/80G application to the Income Tax Department.

New and fresh registrations are also welcome to apply, although the Department will first provide provisional registration (acknowledgment) within one month of receipt of the application, pending the satisfaction of the assessing officer (Generally almost no one is denied for provisional registration due to its been just acknowledgment by Department). After receiving provisional registration, the NGO must apply to the Income Tax Department for regularisation of registration within 6 months or before the expiration of the three years.

It indicates that a provisional registration is only valid for a maximum of three years. Once provisional registration is regularised, it is valid for three to five years. After the validity term has expired, the NGO must apply for re-approval/re-registration, as applicable, with a statement of gift.

Why choose us?

The 12a and 80g registration process takes about 4 to 7 months. Use best tax consultant near me for getting income tax 12a registration online and 80g certificate. In India, CAonWeb offers online accounting and tax consulting services. We help clients and businesses obtain licenses and registrations for their businesses, such as a ngo certificate online, which can be done simultaneously or individually. We can complete both procedures for you, and the 12a and 80g registration fees will be below for our customers. We assisted you with online 80g registration and online 12a registration.

* Our CA/CS will complete and submit the application on your behalf.
* We'll walk you through every step of the way.
* To begin the application process, all you need to do is share your IT access credentials.
* CaonWeb has worked with thousands of non-governmental organizations and is familiar with their demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

12A registration is only available to charitable foundations, religious trusts, societies, and companies that fall under Section 8. Private and family trusts are exempt from 12A registration.

Form 10A is important for getting a 12a certificate. Documentary evidence of the Trust or NGO's formation - Trust Deed; Registration Certificate and MoA and AoA of a Society; section 8 firms must produce a certificate of incorporation and copies of the company's MoA and AoA. The Trust's three-year bank account statement.The organization's PAN card.

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