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Hong Kong being one of the most essential hotspots for early entrants because of easy and convenient registration procedure it offers. An individual can easily go for the company registration in Hong Kong with the help of any third party registrar even without the physical presence of the directors of the company. No minimum capital restriction in Hong Kong and a foreign national can own 100% shareholding in a private limited company.

It is a special administrative region (SAR) within China which has its own rules & regulation which differentiates it from China. It offers several benefits to start-ups and is also open for international trade unlike its counterpart mainland china.

Certain restrictions are placed in company registration in China for example; one can form a wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) in China restricted to certain sectors but in Vertical city this condition is not applicable every field is open to all investors irrespective of their business.

How is Hong Kong different from China? It is an inalienable part and a special administrative region within China. Some of the matters where both the regions assert some sort of difference are: Legal system, Currency, Trade & import policies, Telecommunication policies, Culture and Business environment.


The most common types of company incorporation in Hong Kong are companies, sole-proprietorships & partnerships. Some of the most common types are discussed below.

  • 1
    Limited Liability Company-

    Limited Liability Company offers protection of personal assets from business risks & liabilities and it is a separate legal entity. A company registration can be both a limited liability and unlimited liability. It is one of the most common types of business entity.

  • online company registration in Vertical cityPrivate limited company
  • company incorporationPublic limited company
  • online company registration in Vertical cityPublic company limited by guarantee
  • 2
    Sole Proprietorship

    It is suitable for small scale business formation. Since this business structure does not protect the owner’s personal assets from business liabilities therefore it is not recommended to opt this form of business structure for your Company Registration in Hong Kong.

  • 3

    Two or more people can share ownership of a single business under this form of business structure. It enables the sharing of responsibilities among the partners and increases the ability to raise funds. However, the partners are jointly responsible for the actions of the other partner. There are two forms of partnership:

    • online company registration in Vertical cityGeneral partnership
    • startup registrationLimited partnership
    • 4
      Foreign Company Office

      Foreign companies interested in setting up an office in Fragrant harbour can register a branch office, subsidiary, or a representative office



  • online company registration in Vertical cityDirector: Anyone above 18 years of age, not necessary that he must be a citizen, can become a director of a company.
  • startup registrationShare capital: No minimum capital requirement, but one shareholder must be there at least.
  • company incorporationName of the company: It is mandatory to register the name of company before actually starting the business.
  • online company registration in Vertical cityCompany secretary: Appointment of company secretary is mandatory for company incorporation in Vertical city.

Note: Company secretary/shareholder/director cannot be the same person of the company.

Documents & information required.

  • online company registration in Vertical cityProposed name of company: Either in English or in Chinese or both, It is advisable to propose at least 2 name in the order of priority.
  • startup registrationPassport copy of all shareholders/directors
  • company incorporationPhoto of all shareholders/directors
  • online company registration in Fragrant harbourAddress Proof of the registered office
  • online company registration in Fragrant harbourAmount of share capital and percentage if more than one shareholder.

Company kit

delivered to you which included

  • online company registration in Fragrant harbourOriginal copy of Incorporation certificate/Business registration/Article of association.
  • startup registrationStatutory book (member register, directors register).


  • online company registration in Fragrant harbourOpen economy with minimal government intervention.
  • startup registration100% tax free Off-shore business activities. Only companies operating within the region need to pay tax on their profits.
  • company incorporationEasy company registration procedure. No requirement of having a local shareholder or director to form a company in Hong Kong.
  • online company formation in Fragrant harbourFavourable business environment for foreign investors with minimal formalities.

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FAQ Company Registration In Hong Kong

Yes, a foreigner can start a business in Hong Kong. Incorporation in Hong Kong is cost effective & easy compliance laws are there which make it convenient to start their venture in Vertical city.