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  • MSME/SSI Registration in HyderabadAlso known by the name of Udyog Aadhar, since aadhar card plays an important role to get registered under MSME
  • MSME Registration Process in HyderabadBest for small and medium businesses as you get benefit of subsidies/ Exemption/ incentives/schemes of the Government
  • MSME Registration in HyderabadJust a click away to get your MSME registration certificate in Hyderabad. It’s quick and easy
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MSME / SSI Registration in Hyderabad?

The Government of India has enacted the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006 in terms of which the definition of micro, small and medium enterprises is given below.

A micro enterprise is an enterprise where investment in plant and machinery does not exceed Rs. 25 lakh, for micro service less than Rs. 10 lakh. A small enterprise is an enterprise where the investment in plant and machinery is more than Rs. 25 lakh but does not exceed Rs. 5 crore, for small service between Rs. 10 lakh to Rs 2 Crore.

A medium enterprise is an enterprise where the investment in plant and machinery is more than Rs.5 crore but does not exceed Rs.10 crore, for medium service between Rs 2 core to Rs. 5 crore.

Documents Required for MSME Registration in Hyderabad

  • SSI Registration  in HyderabadCopy of PAN Card of directors
  • MSME Registration Online in HyderabadElectricity/ Water bill (Business Place)
  • MSME Registration Certificate in HyderabadPassport size photograph of directors
  • SSI Registration certificate in HyderabadCopy of Property papers(If owned property)
  • MSME/SSI Registration in HyderabadCopy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card of directors
  • MSME Registration Process in HyderabadLandlord NOC (Format will be provided)
  • MSME Registration in HyderabadCopy of Rent agreement (If rented property)
SSI Registration  in Hyderabad

MSME Registration Process in Hyderabad: A Step-By-Step Guide

  • 1
    Submit the documents
  • 2
    We Prepare your application
  • 3
    We file and submit the application to registrar
  • 4
    We send you MSME certificate
MSME Registration Online in Hyderabad

Frequently Asked Questions

As said above, SSI/MSME registration in Hyderabad is totally voluntary. Businessmen and entrepreneurs usually get this done to utilize the advantages offered under it. The MSME registration process is quite easy and simple. You can easily avail it (provided you have a manufacturing plant or a commercial space where you render services), many businesses opt for it over other registrations.MCA 

Many state government prefers enterprises which are registered under MSMED Act. Subsidy such as on power, taxes, and much more is offered by state governments. In most of the states, sales tax exemption is provided purchase preferences is given on goods produced. The enterprise may also relish excise exemption scheme and exemption from certain direct taxes in the initial years of your business.

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